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Exhibition Supplier

Innogen has been appointed the exhibition supplier for APGC 2022.

Established in 1999, INNOGEN SDN BHD is a Malaysian-based company that takes pride in serving the needs of trade show exhibitions, conferences and events locally and internationally. We provide extensive services, for Indoor or Outdoor Space in the form of re-useable and re-configurable exhibition booths; including designing, fabricating and installing National Pavilions as well as all-purpose ancillary services such as electrical light fittings and equipment, on-site environmental facilities and environmental graphics. Though our core business is Exhibition Design + Build, our constant drive to improve and distinct efforts that we initiate to expand have put us as the top of our game.


Any contractors not assigned by the vongress organisers must read the KLCC rules and regulations in order to work onsite. This must be done by Friday 17 June 2022. 

Space only custom stands

Exhibitors with custom stands are required to submit their stand design for inspection by the congress organiser,  exhibition builder and venue to ensure that it meets the requirements outlined in the venue’s guidelines.

The following information must be submitted for custom stands:

  • Detailed scale drawing with proposed 3D design, detailed dimensions and height including plan views and elevation. 
  • Description of materials to be used for the stand construction.
  • A plan showing its locations within the exhibition.
  • A risk assessment, to include fire hazards and method statement.
  • Stands exceeding 3m in height must must go through the special stand design appraisal process. organisers and venue for approval by 30 June 2020
  • The maximum booth height for APGC 2020 exhibition is 4m. If you are building a custom booth, please do not exceed this height as the plan will not be approved.

In cases where a stand design does not comply with the venue’s requirements, the venue will require the stand builder to obtain a structural engineer’s certificate to verify the integrity of the structure or compliance with the relevant legislation.

This year, we have implemented the following guidelines for custom built stands in line with industry standards.

  • Maximum structure height is 4m only and no hanging object is allowed.
  • The airspace of adjacent booths is not to be used by exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors may not lay carpet across adjacent booths.
  • Flooring – It is compulsory to arrange for plywood underlay or platform with PVC sheet to be laid against the existing flooring before construct any booth structure.
  • For any platform proposed in the stand design, round edge is required at the four corners of platform. The “Caution Tape” at your own cost is deem necessary at all edging of platform that may cause hazard to the visitors.
  • No solid walls or full partitions are to be built on the perimeter of the raw space especially on Premier Island Booth. All partition walls along the perimeter should not cover more than 30% in length with maximum height of 2.5m, unless the partitions are constructed against the actual walls of the hall, and not obstructing the products on display on the other side of it. All designs with wall / partition above 2.5m height should be built with a clearance of 0.5m distance away from the edge of the booths. Any alteration required on-site for not complying to this rule will be under the cost of the appointed contractor.
  • Any door incorporated into the stand and which does not provide an alternative means of egress, must have a “NO ENTRY” sign affixed to it.
  • All partition wall above 2.44m which is facing the neighbor booths or aisle must be nicely clad and painted finish, if any.
  • Kindly ensure all lighting cable/wire come with earth clamp connector and it must be earthed, especially apply to metal structure design include truss system.
  • In the event of using fabric as part of the stand design, kindly provide the certificate of fire retardant as a proof on-site, if any.
  • No multilevel structures are allowed to be built on the purchased exhibition space.

Please provide us with the above, including details of your stand builder, no later than Friday 17 June 2022. Please submit information via email to info@apgcongress.org 

Freight Forwarding/Tranport/Logistics

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Customs and Delivery Information

The venue and the Congress Managers will NOT take responsibility for the clearance of goods through Hong Kong Customs. Exhibitors are responsible for the acceptance of all goods. Neither the venue, the Congress Managers nor Freight forwarder will accept responsibility for the safety of any items delivered in the absence of the exhibitor or their agent. The exception is if you are using Freight forwarder for your transportation requirements.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure goods have arrived. To avoid delays during set up, we suggest you confirm with your freight company that all goods have been delivered.

All vehicles and couriers delivering material pre-event, or collecting freight post-event, for your exhibition must be directed to the HKCEC loading dock. Goods should only be delivered during the set up day of Friday 2 December 2022 and the morning of Monday 5 December 2022 and a member of your organisation must be in attendance to sign for these items.

Ensure ALL goods are correctly labelled (with your booth number and organisation noted).

CLICK HERE to access the delivery label—please affix this to each item delivered to/sent from HKCEC. The HKCEC, Freight forwarder or the Congress Managers will not sign or take responsibility for any goods.

Malaysia has reopened to tourism.
New entry requirements are in place.


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Sponsor Name

Sponsor bio – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.