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Industry Program Symposiums

From Data to Decisions: EnCOMAPASSing Glaucoma Care

Meeting room 4 - 6
Friday 24 May - Day 1


The iCare COMPASS Symposium focused on revolutionizing diagnostic precision and patient outcomes, this symposium showcases the latest COMPASS software features, including the ZEST fast strategy, empowering clinicians with swift and comprehensive full threshold testing. Through smart progression analysis and Smart Mosaic imaging, provide structural and functional insights, revolutionizing diagnostic capabilities.

Iconic feature of iCare COMPASS is its active retina tracking technology, particularly beneficial for patients with fixation issues. By dynamically compensating for eye movements in real-time, this innovation ensures the clarity and accuracy of visual field test outcomes.

The symposium delves into both functional and structural statistical analyses, providing a holistic understanding of patients’ eye health. Attendees engage with leading experts to explore applications across diverse clinical contexts, from routine screenings to complex diagnostic challenges.

Speakers are sharing their experience and knowledge to elevate their clinical practice and enhance patient care. The iCare COMPASS Symposium serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, driving advancements and shaping the future of compassionate, precision-driven in Glaucoma care.

Time From Data to Decisions: EnCOMAPASSing Glaucoma Care Moderator / Speaker
Introduction and Welcome Address
Clinical Applications of Compass Perimetry in Glaucoma Management
Prof. Christopher K.S. Leung
The University of Hong Kong
Chairperson and Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, the University of Hong Kong
Customising perimetry and structure-function analysis for individuals
Professor Allison McKendrick, PhD.
Lions Eye Institute & University of Western Australia
Q&A and Closing

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